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Managing Cars

The first time that you use Car Minder, it will ask you to add a new car. The screen for adding and editing cars looks like this. Here, you can enter the car name and set a photo to use as the car icon. The only required field is the car name. If you would like to add an additional car, you can tap the add button in the lower left corner of the main screen. If you would like to edit an existing car, you can tap the edit button in the top right and then tap the car that you would like to edit. Looking at each row, you will see the car icon, car name and then the number of services that are listed for that car. The red section of the bubble is the number of services that are overdue for that car are overdue. Taping a car will bring you to the screen that lists the car's service, repairs and other vehicle info.


On the Services tab of the Car Detail Screen, Car Minder will show you a list of all the services you have entered for that car. In the top right corner, there is a button for adding a service. If the selected car does not have any services, Car Minder will ask if it can create some defaults to get you started. For each service, you will see the service name, service status, and the status lights. The status lights will show red if the service is overdue, yellow if it is due soon or green if the service does not need attention. When you tap a service, Car Minder will show you the details for that service including the next mileage and date that the service is due, the last mileage and date the service was done at and any notes that you have entered for that service. At the bottom of the screen, there is a button labeled "Record Service". After performing the service on your car, tap this button to record your service. Also, if you scroll farther, below the notes, you will find a button to take you to the complete service history for this service where, you can see the date and mileage for every time you performed that service.

Editing Services

All that is required to add a new service is a service name, mileage interval and monthly service interval. For instance, if you do oil changes every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, the mileage interval is 3,000 and the monthly interval is 3. If you enter 0 for either of the intervals, Car Minder will not use it when determining the service's status. If you would like to record more information such as the type of oil used, how many quarts of oil your car takes or information on which oil filter to use, you can tap the "Notes" row where you can enter anything you like to be displayed on the service screen. After you are done editing a note, just tap the back button in the top left corner and then save the service.

Recording Service

When you are recording a service, you are required to enter the mileage of the vehicle at the date of service. The date is automatically filled in with the current date but, tapping the date row will bring up a date picker where you can adjust the date.

Gas Log

The Gas Log tab on the Car Detail screen let you keep a log of your fuel consumption. Car Minder tracks this by asking you to record your fillup every time you put fuel in your car. On this screen, you will see the fuel economy at the time of your last fillup and your average fuel economy. In addition to just displaying the fuel economy, Car Minder graphs your fuel economy on the bottom. This graph shows your highest and lowest recorded fuel economy and also a dotted line for your average.

In addition to the graph, the screen shows a gauge on right side that has a needle for your last fillup and average fuel economy. These needles show how these two numbers compare to your highest and lowest recorded fuel economy readings.

The clock button on the left side will display a list of all your fillups. The plus button will bring up the add screen to record a fillup.

This screen is split into two parts. The first one is for entering the volume of fuel used, price for the fuel and the date. The second screen is for recording the distance traveled. On the first screen, enter the fuel volume, price and if necessary, change the date. You can tap the distance row to edit the distance or tap the next button in the top right. The second screen allows you to enter the distance by either entering the odometer and the distance will be calculated based on the odometer at your last recorded fillup or, you can enter the trip distance. Entering a number in any of the fields will cause the other fields to re-calculate. Note: if your last recorded fillup is not correct, simply tap the row to edit it.

When you are done with this second screen either tap save or go back to the first screen and save.


The Repairs tab on the Car Detail screen let you keep a log of all the repairs that your vehicle has needed. Tap "+" in the bottom left to add a repair or tap a repair to see more about that repair. RepairList

Car Info

The Car Info tab of the Car Detail screen displays the last recorded Odometer Reading for your car, any notes that you entered for your car and allows you to email your vehicle history by taping the "Email Records" button at the bottom. CarInfo

Update Mileage

So that Car Minder can warn you of upcoming services, it is a good idea to periodically update the mileage for each vehicle. To do this, tap the "Update Car Mileage" button on the Service Listing Screen.

The update mileage screen allows you to enter the current mileage of your car and see the previous mileage. If you enter a mileage that is earlier than the last recorded mileage, Car Minder will ask you to confirm this mileage.

Service History

The service history screen shows you a listing of all the records Car Minder has for that service. Each row shows the mileage and date of service along with a short excerpt from the note if one was entered. If you recorded a service in error, you can swipe-delete a row or tap the "Edit" button in the top right and then either tap the row to edit it or, tap the delete circle to remove it. Also, in the bottom left, the "+" button allows you to add a new service record.


Anywhere in Car Minder that you see little strip of yellow note paper, you can enter notes. To do this, simply tap the paper and then tap anywhere inside of the larger yellow sheet that appears and a keyboard will slide up so that you can edit the note. When you are done editing the note, simply tap the back button in the top left corner to save the note and return to where you were. NotesEdit

Application Settings

Car Minder allows you to customize several settings to fit your vehicles and how you service your cars. To edit these settings, tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the main screen that lists the cars. Here, you can change the units from Miles to Kilometers depending on what your vehicles use for their odometer reading. You can also customize the alert ranges. The alert ranges are now far in advance you would like to be notified of a service that is coming due. For instance, the defaults state that a service should be labeled as due soon if it is due in the next 500 miles or the next 14 days. By taping either of these, you can change them to fit your liking.

Default Services

If there are no recorded services for a car, like just after you have created a new car, Car Minder will ask you if you would like it to create some default services for you. These default services are:

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