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Car Minder Plus (3.0)

Car Minder Plus Fuel Economy ScreenshotToday, I am happy to announce that Car Minder 3.0 has been released and is now known as Car Minder Plus.  Car Minder Plus includes the ability to track and graph your fuel economy.  This has been the most requested feature since Car Minder was released.

I have been working on this for a while now.  It supports Imperial units and Metric units and allows three options for how to calculate the fuel economy,.  The main screen shows your fuel economy at your last fillup, your average fuel economy and a graph of your usage.  For a little extra style, a gauge shows you how your last fillup compares to your average and how both relate to your best and worst fillups.

The fuel economy screen can show your Lifetime data, 3 month data or 12 month data.  Just flick horizontally to see different data ranges.  Car Minder will always remember which one you were looking at last and show you that set by default the next time you load it.

When recording a fillup, Car Minder allows some flexibility by allowing the user to enter either their odometer at the time of the fillup or they can enter the trip distance from their car.  Either one will advance the odometer in Car Minder so that you always know what services are due for your vehicle.

I hope you enjoy this addition to the app.  Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or comments.  It is a free upgrade to existing users and $3.99 for new users.

Also, I am currently in the process of updating the manual to include this new feature.

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Car Minder 2.2 on OS 2.2.1

Tonight it was reported that the new 2.2 version of Car Minder that came out today is crashing on startup for some users with iPod Touches running OS 2.2.1 even though it ran fine in Apple's 2.2.1 simulator. I am working on a fix and I will post more when I know more

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Date Editing

Date EditingIf you are recording a service or repair and you want to set the date to something other than the current date, just tap the date and a picker will appear where you can pick a previous date.  This is very useful if you are recording services or repairs that were done before you had Car Minder.

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Car Minder and Motorcycle Minder Data

I have discovered that some people who have used other applications to keep track of vehicle services may not quite get how Car Minder keeps track of things.  The diagram below may help.  The basic flow should work like this.  To setup Car Minder, add your cars then, add all the services that you want to keep track of along with the service intervals.  Next, every time that you have a service done, go to that service and tap "Record Service".  Car Minder will then be able to tell you when your vehicle needs service and keep a history of every time you did a service.


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Recently I have been getting quite a few questions about Car Minder and Motorcycle Minder backups. Just to set the record straight... Both application's data is backed up every time you sync with iTunes and can be restored if you lose your phone. More information is at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766


Car Minder 2.0.1

This minor update to Car Minder includes a minor bug fix for the settings screen and two simple enhancements.

The bug fix corrects the default value for the "Days Till Due" warning range setting.

2.0.1 also adds a short line for any notes to the Service History screen to every record row and on the Service Detail screen, taping the Last Recorded row, now brings up the Service History screen.

These are minor enhancements.  More is on the way.

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